​​To become a Member of this charitable organization requires payment of membership dues ($1,056/year or $88/month USD) and entitles you to be a recipient of all benefits including:

  • Voting in referendums for strategic directions;
  • Receive quarterly funding, budget, and expense report reviews;
  • Acknowledgement and listing credit as a contributing Member in official documentation as an option at your discretion and permission;
  • VIP entry to all organization sponsored events;
  • Eligibility to receive goods, services, rewards, grants, scholarships, prizes, gifts, and donations; and
  • Right of first refusal to be considered for Executive, Officer, Director, or Operational Staff roles.

Members may organize local chapters, consortiums, or focu groups to brainstorm on activities to contribute to initiatives.  Membership feedback is garnered and evaluated for process and operational improvements.

To become a member, request more information, and / or submit suggestions or feedback concerning membership, contact us by email at join@reachh.org or by phone at +1.240.331.5571.