REACHH is a 501(c)(3), for-purpose, philanthropic organization.  REACHH was born out of the need and sense of urgency to respond and support the universal call to provide innovative solutions to address social and racial injustice, and education and economic inequality concerns facing the most isolated and vulnerable communities., which is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

What Makes Us Different?

A new kind of advocacy.  We speak with one voice.  We advocate with a conscience and from the heart.



REACHH embraces a “for-purpose” approach, which integrates the results-focused mindset of a for-profit business with the compassion of a philanthropic non-profit.  We function as a think tank and strategic implementor with a focus on growth and impact.  We assiduously measure the return on investment of every donor dollar we receive and allocate to initiatives where we ensure intended outcomes are achieved.  Alacrity and zeal are great qualities; however, attaining sustainable goals is our principal concern.


Operational Integrity
We don’t start things we cannot finish.  We are steadfast and resolute to see our initiatives through to the ends we envision.  We monitor, evaluate, and manage every project we undertake.  We have a well-developed, end-to-end process to ensure every community where we implement our programs has an uplifting impact on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members  of the population.  “We are only as strong as our weakest link”.