“In order to have peace for everyone, there must be justice for all.  I do not need your permission to live.”
~Hannah Thomas, Ph.D.

OUR GOAL: Particularly focused on the advancement of justice and equality.

THE CHALLENGE: Police brutality, gender equality, racial and social injustice, and modern day slavery (human trafficking).

OUR STRATEGY: Advocacy and activism equips a community of servant leaders to fight for the dignity and equality of all people, leading to the protection and freedom of many.


Ex-Offender (Re-Entering Citizens) Internship Program

This initiative was pioneered in partnership with Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) for the District of Columbia, BizTech Fusion, and RizeUp Technology Training LLC.  The program is designed to provide quality technical training and real-world corporate experience to the underserved, ex-offender population as they re-enter into society.  The objective is to give them an opportunity to develop marketable skills to enable them to generate a sufficient income in order to support themselves and their families.  We are committed to serving the community through job creation, philanthropy, and providing high impact professional services that make a difference to individuals, communities, and organizations.